-.- I can't see servers but others can.

This happens to EVERY server I sign in, RP server, Dm’ing server, Building, I can’t see shit like there’s no skybox anywhere. Last RP Server I was in I asked for help since I couldn’t see, a Admin slays me, I say “Come on, i need help” Then he kicks me and his reason is “NOU”

All I can do is walking around and can’t see shit, nobody trys to help.

Try cleaning gmod.

Need some screens.

Remember that you need CSS and HL2 to play GMod properly. The leaking skybox suggests you are missing one of those.

How come it was fine yesterday? Today it started now.

@ the other person, HAlf the screen was white and the other half is black.

what do i need to do to play multiplayer?
please somebody help

uncheack the show map list thing at the bottom left