I cant see the lock anymore!!

It says it cant find the vertex!
Man, i just cant fix these things wyself can i?


i meant the GLOCK

can someone help meeeeeeeeeeeee


it says
Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\v_pist_glock30.mdl’ checksum -2036056203 should be 2141122326
in the console

Dude, we don’t know what’s the problem, what are you trying to do, and what is causing the problem. How do you want us to know how to fix it?

Veryify your CS:S cache’s integrity (right click on it in Steam -> properties -> whatever the fuck tab it is -> Verify Cache Integrity) and make sure you didn’t accidentally replace the model or materials.

I once had same problem, it was REALLY annoying… I don’t remember how I fixed it, but I think you should try to delete all Glock 30 models.