I can't see the Official Servers in Rust

Hello, this problem happened on March 03 (Tuesday). I finished to play Rust at night without any kind of problems and the next day (Wednesday 04) when I tried to play the game, it didn’t show the Official Servers in the list.

I tried to connect my self manually and a message popped saying:

“You cannot connect to the selected server, because its running in VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) scure mode.
This Steam account has ben banned from secure servers due to a cheating infraction”

I don’t know what they consider as a cheat becasue I have been playing as a normal guy playing without cheats or hacks or anything special that could be giving me any kind of adventage against the other players or whatever you could imagine.

Do you guys know a way to fix this problem? I really want to play Rust again…

Thanks for reading.

It means you’re a cheater, and you’ve been banned.

I’m a cheater when I didn’t cheat? makes no sense. I can’t be something that I didn’t do.

Nobody here can do anything at all about your VAC ban. Take it up with Steam Support.

Note that Steam Support will not tell you the type of cheat detected or when it was detected. All they will do is perform a human review of the data VAC has on you and will verify that it is a legit ban or not.

You should be aware that VAC captures the environment of the game when it submits reports, which means that the VAC team can replicate the environment on your machine. If a hacker uses ESP and wallhacks, the VAC team will see ESP and wallhacks.

If it is an error, they will reverse your ban and I would appreciate you coming back to this thread with a screenshot of your tickets (with your personal info blacked out, we don’t need or want that) as proof that your ban was reversed, because you would be the first.

If it is not an error, you’ll need a new Steam account and a new copy of Rust to play, and you should make sure your system doesn’t have any funny files from funny sites.

Thank you for the info. I posted this because a friend told me that something could happen posting my problem here. And yes, I took it up with Steam Support and I’m trying to see if I can recover my account (I wouldn’t be the first).

But again as I said I didn’t cheat in game… I have been reading everything about cheating and I have been playing legally according to that. That’s why I want to solve this false positive otherwise I wouldn’t care.

doubt it, but good luck all the same. as elix said, if you do get it reversed, kindly post the steam ticket. of all the cheaters who have posted here saying “it’s a false positive, i never cheated, my dog must have done it” none have come back to say “here you go guys, they reversed it”.

probably because they were lying.