I can't seem to get the eyes right.

I’m still incredibly lost with how these things work. I was told to utilize these values for my QCEyes:


My QC code

$model "GutsTeen" "reference.smd" {
	eyeball righteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" -1.2925406 -2.4212608 66.6193848 "eyeball_r" 1.00 4.0 "iris_unused" 0.63
	eyeball lefteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" 1.284005 -2.4212608 66.6193848 "eyeball_l" 1.00 -4.0 "iris_unused" 0.63
$attachment "eyes" "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" -0.00 -3.09 66.66 absolute
$attachment "back" "ValveBiped.bip01_spine4" -0.00 0.00 0.00 rotate 0.00 -0.00 -0.00

My VMT’s:

	"$basetexture" "models\Berserk\Guts\eyeball_r"
	"$iris" "models\Berserk\Guts\pupil"
	"$halflambert" 1
	"$nodecal" "1"

Eyeball texture


Pupil texture


And it looks something similar to this when it’s ingame (I inflated the model in order to make it clearer)


Any suggestions? I got face flexes and everything set up, eyes are my last step :hairpull:

Do you have clamp S and T enabled in your VTFs?

Oh my GOD that fixed everything! Thank you so much dude!