I Can't Spawn Any Props, NPC's, SENT, Entities Nothing On my GarrysMod Darkrp Server

so basically when I go to spawn ANYTHING in (Except Weapons & Ragdolls), it doesn’t work, the only thing that I can spawn is Weapons and Ragdolls, It would be a massive help if somebody can help me fix it :slight_smile:


I have edited my MySQL Database, and completely disabled FPP, and that has fixed everything except me being able to spawn Props :(, anybody have any ideas

Are you using ULX? If so http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=112423325&searchtext=urs that may help if you dont want to try what im about to say.

Ok so did you check the config file?

ye of course I checked the config file, I even removed FPP, removed models from the MySQL server eveyrthing


My URS was broken rip, but I re-installed and it now works, thank you man <3