I Cant spawn in tf2 props on my server

Can someone Help me? I just made a Gmod Server and I was trying to spawn in a tf2 prop but it doesnt. It makes the sound but it doesnt spawn in.
I’ve Been trying to mount it in my mount.cfg but i dont know how to. Can someone tell me what to do Step By Step?

Are you on VPS or GSP?

I went there and on step 2 it told me to go on steamcmd and update the app. but when i tried to update tf2 by typing app_update 440 it told me "Failed to install app 440 (No Subscription). Am I suposed to force install it into a directory or something first?

Ok so you’re on VPS.
Did you login as anonymous?


You made it sound like tf2 was already installed. Is it?

If you mean on steam Yes, On steamcmd no

Use the anonymous Steam Account ( login anonymous )
Use 232250 for TF2 DS, not 440.

Oh, you were using the wrong ID lol