I Can't Spawn TF2 Bread Props

Hi. I’ve been trying to spawn in the “new” bread props from TF2, but they don’t show up and it doesn’t register that I spawned it. I’m trying to spawn the props located in “models/weapons/c_models/c_bread/” in the TF2 category in Games. I have TF2 mounted and have Verified Game Integrity, but it still doesn’t work! Also, for some weird reason, I can’t spawn in the bottle from TF2. Please help!

This doesn’t entirely answer your question, but I recommend you subscribe to this:

It’s very very useful if you’re often working with TF2 models

I have.

What happens when you try to spawn it? Anything appear in console?

Nothing. It makes a sound when I click it to spawn it, but that’s it.

Someone please help!