I can't start the game

When i try to start the game from steam, it says rust.exe stopped working, but if i go to the game folder and start the rustclient.exe it let’s me in but it doesn’t let me join any server because of a eac problem, What can i do?

Try verify integrity of game cache on steam.

Tryed already, no result

I highly suggest updating your Windows completely.

Some of your run-time libraries may be out of date.

And! Display drivers.

My windows is totally up to date, i tryed installing newer display drivers, but it still doesn’t work,

The problem isn’t in game, the problem is that i can’t open rust from rust.exe

Bump, Any help?

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The exact problem is that when i open rust.exe it just crashes, it doesn’t even open, it just shows a rust.exe has stopped working, and rust.exe opens eac so i can’t play on any server because i can’t open eac

Bump, Does any admin care of this forum?

post your computers specs, and what AV you are using, and people might be able to help.

Processor:AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics
Video Card:AMD Radeon HD 8670D
Memory:8 GB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition (build 9200), 64-bit

I have uninstalled my AV to see if it worked but nope, also, i can run legacy but no new rust

and EAC is installed, and up to date?

I think so, i installed the one that downloaded with rust

Reinstalling eac doesn’t work, if i uninstall it and try to open the game, it justs tell me to install eac

Checking services of windows eac is disabled, when i try to enable it, it justs disables itself

hmm, not sure then. someone will reply if they come up with an idea:)

Maybe a dev could help me, but i will wait :slight_smile:

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So rust.exe is what enables eac but i can’t start rust.exe then i can only play on non eac servers… any solution?


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Any help?

Reinstalled Windows, downloaded basic libraries, drivers, etc, reinstalled rust and EAC Still not working

hit it with a hammer?

Do you think i should? I already hitted it with a rock but no result [Sarcasm]

Is it making crash logs? Take a look in:


Is there a output_log.txt? Can you paste the contents here?

There is an output log

The problem is that i can’t open the game from steam because rust.exe crashes without even showing up, so eac can’t open then i can only play on insecure servers