I can't start the game

Im going to install windows 7, maybe it’s a problem with windows 8…

Same problem here… I’ve been playing RUST for about 2 monthsfrom now and never had a problem like that, one night i was playing Rust alpha, logged out and by the next morning when guitars were added i could not even go in the menu.

Since then every time i run Rust I get a popup saying ‘‘Rust.exe hast stopped working’’ ‘‘Windows is looking for a solution for the problem’’ and then the popup just stops looking and it just goes off, I deleted all local content from the steam app and reinstalled the game hoping to be able to play… I couldn’t

I waited some time, after that and tried reinstalling the game but this time i got to the resolution selecion menu before the game launches, the game was just launching and then it stopped after 1 to 2 seconds of launching, I still couldn’t get to the main menu.

Time passed and i thought it might have worked if I uninstalled steam and the game so I did, when my game reinstalled I got back to the same ‘‘rust.exe has stopped working’’ problem, i sincerely don’t know what to do and I really enjoyed plaing the game on the alpha version… all I can play is the old version (Legacy) but i like to experiment with new things like alpha :frowning:

Can someone please help me with this?

My computer is an HP Pavilion 23 with this:

Processor: AMD A10-6700T APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 2.5 GHz

RAM: 8 GB (7.4 GB available)

System: Operating system of 64 bits, processor x64

Windows 8.1 single language

Thank you.

Problem is solved, I had a malware that stoped AVs from working and eac works like an Av so when i installed windows 7 it started working

glad you got it sorted.