I can't think of anything fun to do in GMOD anymore.

I don’t know if this is the wrong section, but I was wondering if someone could help me figure something fun out to do in Singleplayer.

Sex poses.

Blow stuff up. Roleplay. Crossover roleplay. Human slingshot. Human catapult. If there is a greater volume of props than your capacity for creativity, this might not be the game for you.

Just search gmod servers with different gamemodes, you never know what you may find

play ttt


TTT was amazing. Now it’s full of kids.

why not anymore? it hasnt changed since last night has it??

Give yourself a large project, or ask someone to give you an idea to build something?

  • rube goldberg machine

  • scene build

  • spaceship

hl source or hl2 campaign and create a server putting custom by yourself :slight_smile:

You could code something with lua. Let your imagination run free.

Most Australian servers still have a decent playerbase.

I know that feel, man. I used up all my ideas, and all the ones I have now are thrashed by bugs like sliders.

start coding learn lua make sweps, mods its so much fun

How about RP or RP or maybe RP or even RP or better still a nice bit of RP. Not a whole lot else to pick from really. When i really am bored i tend to fiddle about with toybox but less now since all these virus like things have been circulating.

Go to a DarkRP server and set the minge in you free.

Amazing how most of you failed to read the SINGLEPLAYER part of his question.

Ye 1) you can play gamemodes in single player. 2) we are suggesting go play multiplayer. If you cant find anything interesting in single player anymore its normaly time to go global and play with others.

You could add tons of mods then make a base with keypad and such and have zombie infection.
And guys. The thread started wanted SINGLE PLAYER ideas, not MULTIPLAYER as some of you gave.

But if you dont find anything in singleplayer, go social and play multiplayer! =)

Try stuff with gravity hulls and Master Chris’ Vehicle pack