I cant uninstall this addon?

Hi there, I was doing some fastdl for my server and I wanted to add content to my hud, I thought it was the right content but it obviously was not, anyways, basically I have a hud on top of another hud, my first hud was fine but when I did fastdl I have another hud overlapping it because I installed some kind of fastdl, and no i have no addon that is related to this. The addon is http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688668083 I seriously need help, I dont have this addon in my addons folder and I restarted my server and my gmod a couple of times, do you know how to fix this? :3

Note this is darkrp 2.7

Is the addon in your workshop collection still?

No, I went to the website I got the id searched it up and removed it.