I can't update my addon.

I have create a addon, I upload the workshop, and it seems that be bugged, so I corrected it, and I can not update my addon loading the upload is very short but nothing happens, it n is outdated.

Yes. I got the same issue.

And you have solved this bug?


Yeah, same here. 36 attempts and counting of updating WAC Community 3, starting to get a little pissed off.


I’ve had this problem for over 6 weeks now I think.

I’d say this would be a problem with Workshop as whole. You might have to contact Valve about it.

Well I haven’t seen upload issues in any other game. Perhaps valve updated the workshop and then it broke garry’s one? Either way we’d need a new workshopper tool.

Not sure if its just me but everything on the GMod workshop is gone?

I am working on the command line tool right now. No ETA.

Thank you!