I cant upload to garrysmod.org? Why?


I was just about to release my weapons pack onto garrysmod.org. But when I go to the “Upload” tab and browse for a file, I click “OK”. then when I hit upload the loding bar starts to move at the bottom of the screen, I am using Google Chrome to upload as IE8 freezes when you are trying to upload.

The file gets to about 13% on average then resets to 0% then the next time It his 13% this error shows up.
Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.

I was uploading a 36mb file.

This is a video of my weapons.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

Say hi to b3n t4yl0r for me.

Try downloading firefox, and uploading it with that?

dude, I have tried Firefox, Google chrome, and the most updated version of IE.

Thanks Anyways

p.s Nice break up between u and TNQ mr.oppenhiemer. I loved the SG being turned to FG :smiley: made me laugh.

lololol Hi :smiley:

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