I can't use any tools on entities

(Lately garrysmod has been crashing because of DX8 cmesh buffer errors or whatever, so if anyone could help me with that too…)

I can’t use tools on entities… wiremod stuff, chairs, things in the entities menu, I can’t use any tools on them (I click, but nothing happens)

I recently deleted the things in my cache folder, is this the problem?
I’m running in -dxlevel 80, this can’t possibly be the problem, right?

I’m very confused >>

And by tools I mean everything (I can’t weld, wire, rope, etc. also I can’t lift magnussons with the physgun…)

This only extends to entities, props work just fine, and I’m pretty sure ragdolls work.

Is this in singleplayer or multiplayer?

Singleplayer (maybe I should try deleting EVERYTHING in the folder and letting it fix itself…)

Do you have a prop protector?

No I don’t and I’m pretty sure I didn’t install any addons that included any.