i can't use my tool gun on the map

i can’t use my tool gun on things like the floor and this is REALLY annoying

XD wow. You can’t weld the environment to the environment, if that’s what you’re asking. :smiley:

You can, however, weld props you spawn to the environment.

Try it! You’ll be surprised how well it works!

thats the point. i know i can’t weld eviroment to the enviroment but i also cant weld (or do anything) to the enviroment

You can’t weld the env to the env, because it is already welded/parented there, that’s how the map is made.
There is nothing you can do to the env, except use it as an anchor, and maybe use a rope or weld from a prop to the env.

Sorry, but that’s how it works.

It’s like welding the top of a box to the bottom. What’s the point? It’s not going anywhere.

No, i know that. heres an example. lets say i wanted to weld a prop to the roof, it won’t work. nothing works.

Which weld are you using?

For Weld, you click the prop, then the roof.
For Easy Weld, you click the prop, click the roof, move the mouse to position it, then click again.
For Easy Weld With Snapping You click the prop, the roof, move the mouse, and you can use SHIFT to snap to 45 degree angles, THEN click again to finalize the position.


you never have been able to, if im not mistaken… o.O

Clean GMod.

Prop protection?

He’s trying to weld/constraint the map to itself…

No, he’s not…

He’s trying to weld a prop to the world…

yes that is what i am trying to say, i can’t weld props to the map