I CHEATED OMFG. What options do I have now?


Tired of constant rubberbandings, rollbacks and hours and hours of gameplay wasted (just like everybody else), I grew even more tired of this game and decided to leave it on the shelf for a while.
Then I had a brilliant idea of using a helping hack and a injected map to travel faster and find resources easily, and to see what hacking is really about (never hacked before… uhh maybe on GTA SA…)

first deception: they’re mostly just viruses.
second deception: it doesn’t show up natural resources, only people’s resources, which I’m not interested in stealing.
third deception: it ain’t too fast =(
fourth deception: it’s lousy, inprecise and lags.

but it had a light hack so it was a nice advantage at night. coolio. Got loads of resources, built my stuff and the server rollbacked.
To shelf with it.

Today I tried to play again, hackless (as the game updated, the hack said it was incompatible) just to see a VAC ban. I’m sad and regret using a hack (that in the end was useless lol), but I’m pretty impressed that the VAC actually works. I’ve seen so many hackers in several VAC protected games that I thought it was mostly a scarecrow.
But I regret doing it, srsly =(
I know I can create a new steam account, buy the game again, spoof the machine, change the ip or blablabla… but I wanted to retain my original steam name =
Can I buy the game once again and get a ban lift? Not hacking again I swear :v:

If there’s no other option available… ok I’m cool with that. Use the money I paid to invest in the game, when it’s done it’ll be fun like hell. I did crap and now I’m in for life. When the game matures, I’ll be mature enough to play it cool. And with a different account.
but I reeeeeeeeeaally want to give it another shot… later… maybe next year… or so, with my normal account.

P.S.: I play on PVE =) but it still was a unfair advantage over other gamers, I know.
P.P.S.: Kids, don’t cheat. It ain’t worth it.

I got caught with the hand in cookie jar. I’m crying and my hand is stuck. VAC slapped me, I’ve learnt the lesson and it ain’t worth doing it.
Do I have any option whatsoever to get a ban lift (by buying again or something) or the only way out is to make a new account, buy and play it again?

I guess props to you for owning up to it, but no you can’t be unbanned.

VAC always works, but the hackers that don’t get banned are from the pay sites. Generally when someone is paying you to build a hack, much more work goes into it. Constant updates…etc.

Go out any try to manage your life with cheats.
Then see what you will get.

But really, cheating is bad.
Perhaps you will get banned from here anyway.
But I just wanted to let you know that it’s wrong to cheat.

Feel free to donate further 20 bucks to Garry.

I didn’t read any of your thread except for this but:

  1. 99.999999% chance that you will NOT get unbanned by Valve
  2. Buy it and play on another account but don’t cheat this time.

Money, power, women and enemies lol

No, really. I didn’t mind being raided. It was fun actually when I thought about it after the raid (not during. It sucks during), but I was berserk for losing my stuff due to a server problem. Wanted the easy way and after all it ain’t that easy.

Again, I don’t really mind if I’m banned from here too, just trying whatever to keep on one account. I’ll end up buying this game again on another account anyway

I’ve read what you wrote before the edit lol. Nope, ain’t giving money for that. Played too many F2P games to hate payhacks way too much.

Meh, I guess that’s the way it’s going to be, the losers path of having two steam accounts “for some reason”.
But I’ll wait 'till someone comes over with a decisive answer.

Or a ban here, I’ll get the memo.

Well it’s hard to hate you like the others since you fessed up so well. But yeah this line is basically how it is, you now have to reap what you sow. In this case you just have to buy it again on a different steam account. Sure many player servers wont let you play since you will have a new account with only one game, but hey you can play on the officials again.

It good to realize that now your account has a stain that could cause issues for even other games when people see you have a VAC ban. In the end, to see at night was not worth itl.

Actually the “pay” hackers get banned almost as often as the “free” hackers do, because the coder of said hack only updates once its detected or theres a gamepatch. the only people who dont get banned are the ones who make their own, and update it before every single launch. which i would say about .1% of the HACKERS in rust do. not players, hackers.

You deserve it

Oh crap, I thought the ban would be on the GAME, not WORLDWIDE lol
Now I’m screwed lol

I’ll test some games here to see what happens

Yeah… guess I do. Wallet time now =\

I just don’t get it I guess, so your frustrated by this, that and the other but the hacks don’t change the situation. The second you aren’t using them the situation remains and anything accomplished while you have them must feel pretty hollow. It’s like being on a sever by yourself and having limitless resources, I’d feel like it was just instantly boring.

The ban is just for the game.
Only Valve Source Games got another rule to handle that.

Sorry if that was not clear. Your not banned from other games, but if you play other games on private servers, some people auto-kick people with VAC bans. There is even ways to script it to happen automatically.


I wanted to grab my resources back (the ones I’ve lost in a rollback). Mostly wood (I made several huge spike walls rounding my house, minutes before a rollback), not to gather even more resources.
Can’t prove that I wasn’t going to abuse it, but I’m telling you.

I tried CS:GO and it worked here, on a “official” server, I think.
But on the site that checks accounts, it lists me on the ban-van

Valve says on the FAQ that correctly given bans are forever. Facepunch devs cannot do anything for me.
I’ll just drown in sorrow and buy games from now on, on a new account. Sucks for me, don’t follow that path

Weird. I played CS:GO, CS:Source, HL2: Deathmatch and L4D2 without a hassle, even with this VAC ban stain on my account.
Is there a delay before the bans are enforced? What are the odds that if I buy a game in the future on this account and get insta-ban from it?

Oh jesus. Stop getting bitching and moaning. It’s a game for fucks sake, not a goddamned lifestyle. Stop taking a game so seriously. He wasn’t doing anything harmful to anyone else- and plus the dude admitted he screwed up, and yet here you are echoing everything he said in the original post. Good job, buck. You really showed him.

You really don’t know if he did anything harmful… It’s not about the game, it’s about the character of somebody who cheats in a game. I mean it’s only a game not a goddamned lifestyle why would somebody cheat. I mean why would you take a game so seriously that you would do a wild search on the internet and put your computer at risk just to get some virtual wood?

If you got banned by cheatpunch for whatever reason if you don’t want to spend $20 to buy another copy of the game under a different steam account just contact valve.

Start a ticket with their support team, say that you don’t like the game or it’s not running well for you and they will refund your money.

All you need to do is make a new steam account and buy the game again with the money you were refunded.

This works as long as the game is in “Alpha” or “Beta” and hasn’t been released.


(User was permabanned for this post (“brilliant idea” - garry))

Also like DrFreenote and lolosaid, there is always getting a charge back from your credit card

Perma bans don’t always work, eh?
Any chance server files will be released? I know it says when the game is released, but seeing as you spend more time in the forums than doing actual work, it’s hard to tell when that is.

Trolololol, hahaha!

Love you all :slight_smile:

You may not have noticed this but there’s a giant warning every time you play in the lower left of the screen that says YOU WILL GET VAC BANNED. (read that in a loud voice)

So…yeah. No. Create new account, buy Rust again. That’s the only way.

Also, everyone and their grandma knows the hack you were using has been detected already.

Good on you though for blaming your cheating on lag and rollbacks. Lol.

Your as dumb as your avatar. However, I want to empower the end user-I’ll give a quick explanation then I need to got to bed.

Cheatpunch is not a VAC ban, they will not see the ban.
This has been done for many pre-orders especially in the case of TF2 when people used to pre-order the games to get special items and get a refund right after receiving their items.

Thanks for the good luck though. I too wish you luck in your endeavors.


OP wasn’t banned by Cheatpunch. He was banned by VAC so your advice to him is both non-applicable and worthless. It’s obvious you’re just here to troll and spam and cry tears about VAC/Cheatpunch/EAC.

Oh and I like how you also advise people to do a chargeback on their Steam account too. Lol…great advice…if you don’t mind your Steam account being suspended/banned.