I Check you !


Prophet is shoot Section is Die

Prophet is stand. Section is look.

Engrish is breaked.

You is still post SFM pictures even though this are GMOD screenshot section.

Prophet,enemy and gun is disappoint.

this is SFM?

why would anyone use SFM and not utilize its fancy lighting, instead settling for flat washed out desaturated grey and brown mediocrity like this

if ASDA had an isle for nanosuits i would probably shop there

Posted by the same guy in another thread, with a similar picture.

LuaHelper, Mythos is disappoint on you.

You should check out his Deviantart profile. Most of the stuff he’s been posting here is made in Source film maker.

I is continue to disappoint on nsdw5005 until he are stop putting is SFM pics on GMOD section.

You check

Section is black ops 2

no, black ops 2 IS SECTION.

Section is


tuna bread

I could see this happening in real life, or something similar happening.

wow wtf i didn’t even notice the third soldier in the middle of the pic because he blends in with the background so well