I cosplayed with my friend yesterday


sry, my friend’s camera has low quality

Shame about the aliasing.

You can practically see the cardboard and mediocrity in the costumes

the pants look very convincing

You can litterally see the ground where the background begins. And what’s up with the barrels? Looks like they’re sinking into the ground, atleast two of them.

They may of well as been. Concrete isn’t the strongest thing ever. Saw a motorcycle sinking into it on a hot day.

Thought this was Gmod when I looked at it at first.
This is really a photo?

Yeah, concrete slurps things down into them slowly. Imagine whats under the concrete when you walk over it. Could be alot of things. And even worse, imagine if it was going to eat you up completely at any given moment! Scary shit!

Why does everything remind me of Battlefield 3 now…?

i can easily see the cut line on the ground. The bg photoshoping needs more work.

I came here expecting something veeeery different.

This is cool too…

Nice guns. Where did you get them? Walmart?

Uncle Alejandro Rojas bought’em for me

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys actually sit there and do that…judging by your hard-on for Russians standing around pointing guns at nothing and shit.

The posing is good but I think the soldiers need to be blurred a tiny bit so they fit in with the building and background a bit better, that’s just my opinion though.
Good work though!