I could feel myself under your fate, it was you, breathless and torn


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thanks to rossmum for some of the poses

I freaking love the cop with the rocket.


It is quite nice.


oh also guys forgot to mention the sky picture was taken by Insomnia

Very awesome. I love your usage of harsh contrasts.


Yea you better remember to credit me boi.

Is that the Time Detective or Cop or whatever from someone’s earlier poses?

Looks very nice. I have 2 small complaints, however. The smoke looks a little strange, like you dodged that wall or something. Second is the blood from the metrocop that got shot on the left there. That’s a fuckton of blood, and that weird fade around it looks even stranger.

Overall, very nice. I love how all your pictures have that sharp, contrasty look.

that someone happens to be me

i’m gay for this picture

This is very pretty but i can’t tell who’s shooting whom and who’s on whose side

Who is that coated guy everywhere.

that is so totally awesome.

It’s kind of a series of images I am making

the guy is from fallout 3

where did you get the detective looking man?

he’s the mysterious stranger from fallout 3 :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile:

thanks zerax for link.

and Egevened sorry if i just asked after the model when i should have commented the pic…

Awesome Editing and posing and stuff :slight_smile:

Agreed. From what I can tell, the Combine units are with the Mysterious Stranger?