I could not find a decent section to post this so enjoy.

My SUPER Waltzer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9UnzPerZPw&feature=related Enjoy.

That looks like you put five minutes of work into it

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I could honestly remake it in around two minutes

Isn’t it obvious? Or did you not look properly, it goes in screenshots and movies…

Actually contraptions belong in GMD, according to Garry.

Actually, he never once said this. Since this is a movie, it belongs in the Screenshots & Movies section.

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To be serious, Luke, you’ve been very mean here in the past, and as such will be treated with disrespect. This may be a neat contraption, but you can take it somewhere else, as anyone here who knows who you are will treat you like shit.

This looks really nice.
Looks like you put time and effort into it.

Go ahead cowboy, you have 5 minutes.

Nice bump, all dusty and stuff.

Great work! Awful choice of music.

You would struggle, I’ve seen Luke’s rides and they are as complex as the real thing.