i could really use some help, i am willing to pay $$$

Hi i,m not sure if anyone can help me. But i was wondering how i would go about ripping maps from mw3, i sort of know how its done as i have ripped many models with 3dripper before, but for some reason it will not work with mw3…

i would really appreciate some help with this…
i’m not sure what i can do in return but i will be willing to pay for assistance providing i can 100% get it to work… please pm me

How old are you?

Young enough to think cod maps are worth recreating.

You’ll need to:

Port every model individually, Port every texture individually, and then recreate the map from scratch with brushes working from reference.

Have fun.

Im 22… i need these maps for a personal project with machinima…

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okay so that seems a lil bit harder then what i expected… i thought it was possible just to rip these with 3dripper? but im not sure how…

Yeah, you could get things working with the 3Dripper. Problem is: you’ll have to set up brushwork for visleafs, and… the lighting might be quite shitty, seeing how it’s lit per-vertex since it’s mostly consisting of models. Yeah, GameDev was pretty much right about that; remaking would be the best alternative, it seems.

I think cod maps look great…

You must not have seen them without various filters and effects applied then. Because they look like sin.

What kind of “effects” and “filters” are you talking about? Because almost every nowday game uses those last in question.

Well maybe effects and filters are a good thing then, because with them they sure look good to me.

Somebody just needs to make a simple program that converts .3ds to .vmf both are documented well enough that you could do it.

A lot of games do use Post Process to make stuff look nicer, yes. I never said they don’t. But the CoD maps won’t look right in Source without a lot of work, as lighting is calculated differently, and the texture porting may not give 1:1 results with the differences between Source and IW Engine.

It really isn’t that simple. The two formats have almost nothing in common, one is mesh based (.3ds) and the other is brush based (.vmf). And that’s not even putting into account all the entities in the map, textures, sprites, etc.

so in layman’s terms how would i go about doing this i mean if i had to, as the title states i’ll be willing to pay for assistance!

pretty much what game gamedev was saying port everything manually. and port every texture individually

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