I could use two fairly simple roleplaying scripts. [Body Decay/Loadout Script]

Greetings, as the title says, I could use two fairly simple roleplaying scripts that are hard to come by for my server. Basicly, these:

  • A loadout script:
    Like in CSS, I want players unable to carry too many weapons, and it would be nice if the weapons where attached to the player, IE: Gun on the hip, rifle on the back, grenade/knife/other stuff like that on the chest.
    Basicly so that the player can only carry a certain amount of SWEPS and some would be displayed on him/her.

As for my second request…

A decaying body script. Once a player is dead, I want his corpse to stay around, gradually turning worse/more nasty-looking untill eventually it’s a charple left.

It would help alot if someone could make this, I would learn Lua myself, but I got enough on my plate as it is.

Wow! If only I could make this.

I so would!

You could make a custom material and have a timer set to change it slowly over time. But that would be a massive amount of materials and be a huge waste of downloads.

Loadout would still be cool…

– Written by Seth, owner@diamondbuild.info
– This file goes in lua/autorun/server/

if !SERVER then return end
SethLoadouts = {}

– This is where you setup your ranks and their weapons. Follow the example format below.

SethLoadouts.Regular = {}
SethLoadouts.Regular[1] = “weapon_crowbar”

SethLoadouts.Admin = {}
SethLoadouts.Admin[1] = “weapon_crowbar”
SethLoadouts.Admin[2] = “weapon_stunstick”
SethLoadouts.Admin[3] = “weapon_deagle”

SethLoadouts.Superadmin = {}
SethLoadouts.Superadmin[1] = “weapon_crowbar”
SethLoadouts.Superadmin[2] = “weapon_mp5”
SethLoadouts.Superadmin[3] = “weapon_ak47”

SethLoadouts.Donator = {}
SethLoadouts.Donator[1] = “weapon_pumpshotgun”
SethLoadouts.Donator[2] = “weapon_glock”

– Do not edit below this line! –

function SethLoadouts.Hook( ply )
for ranks, weptable in pairs(SethLoadouts) do
if ply:IsUserGroup(string.lower(ranks)) or ply:IsUserGroup(ranks) then
for _, weapons in ipairs(weptable) do
hook.Add( “PlayerLoadout”, “SethLoadouts.Hook”, SethLoadouts.Hook)

not sure if it works lol

For the decaying just make it turn into a regular zombie, a fast zombie then the charred zombie. Could spawn gibs around it or something aswell.

Whoa, I sort of turned my head on this thread for a while, never got the notifications about replies. Anyways, I will test that, combineguru, Autorun, am I right?

Nevermind, just read it on the top >_<.