I created a FAQ for legacy players new to experimental

While running our experimental server, I noticed we were getting the same questions over and over.

I’ve collected the most common questions and answered them here:

I’ll be updating this as experimental continues to grow.

Let me know if I missed any questions or got any answers horribly wrong. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Good job!

I enjoyed your guides and have a few suggestions:

Expand the upgrade guide to include how long it takes to break through walls / doors etc with the strongest tools ie hatchet / pick axe / bone knife. I’d like to know.

Use the coast line and position of Sun to find friends on biome transitions.

Thanks a lot. Quite a lot of posts!

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Thank you for your reply.

I will be adding more details on how long it takes to knock down walls on a per tool bases in the next couple days.

Nice tip on using the coastline and sun on biome transitions, I just added that in here

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Also just added in a question I’ve seen repeatedly: Why can’t I see any servers? You’re probably opted into the betas program. See FAQ instructions on how to change this.

Appreciate it. Ample tips.

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I just added the time it takes to break each wall level with a rock to our upgrade guide.

I guess now the rock etc has been updated, you’ll need to tweak this?

Yup, once the update is live I will test and update the numbers.

Any FAQ for Rust should just have every answer be “IT IS ALPHA!”

Thanks bro, being a Rust Legacy “pro” aka “no-lifer” I was kinda let down about absolutely sucking in the new Rust haha. Your guide helps quite a bit, would have cost me hours to find out all that stuff by myself :slight_smile:

Oh and I really like your web design, plain and simple, modern. Awesome work
I’m in love with those fonts btw

Glad it helped!

Working on updating the numbers for the building guide now. We now have 6 upgrade levels by the way!

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Update on level 6: I’ve been hitting a level 6 wall with a hatchet for going on 30 minutes and it is still on level 5 somewhere.