I created a tutorial series on how to setup / host your own Rust server

**Hello Facepunch Forums and fellow Rust players! My name is Josh and like the title says, I created a tutorial series on how to setup / host your own Rust server.

I hope this tutorial series isn’t breaking any rules but if I am, you may go ahead and remove this post.

This series is about 45 minutes long and took me a while to make. There aren’t many guides out there right now that make sense, actually help you with your problem, or are in English. That’s why I made these. They’re for people who want to host their own server and have control rather than spend 10 hours building and collecting just to lose it all because the server went down or there was a hacker while you were away. Create your own rules and let players actually have fun and feel a bit of safety and comfort when they log off instead of worry.

Check them out if you’re interested in hosting your own server.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.**

Click here to be linked to the tutorial series!

Thanks a lot! A good amount of advice!

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Why is that unfortunately?

Its unfortunate that people who have to pirate Rust. It’s only $20 so if you don’t own it, you unfortunately will not be able to use this tutorial.

Regards! Helpful stuff!

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You explained that well.

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The most notable is its partnerships with restaurants that don’t provide delivery services to customers. Through what’s called rifting, Aion limits the number of players and to some extent the level of those players, but it’s still open Pv - P. An entire night of grinding could be rendered pointless by an untimely death.

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Is it free to host server

Yes, you just need to buy the game.

EDIT I guess I was tired when I answered this, Use SteamCMD to get the serverfiles.

You don’t need to own the game to download and run a server.

You’re right, I guess I was tired lol.

Exactly. No need to own rust to host a server.