I cut my teeth - C&C

Hello again, Facepunch. I have now been tediously posing and angling the camera tool for a rough 3 hours, these are my results(Mind you, it is my first time):

And I apologize beforehand, all the screens were taken on gm_construct. I’ve heard it is taboo to do so here in Facepunch, but I hope you will look past that.




And if anyone could edit my work, I would be very thankful. I’m curious what the outcome would have been(disregarding the background)with some editing.

I see no image.

Hmm, they’re not showing. I uploaded it on imageshack, any ideas why they aren’t showing?

Are there supposed to be pictures?

Use filesmelt.com

Easy now, I am just as confused as you :/. Imageshack isn’t banned or anything, right? :S

Thank you, Zerax. Sorry for wasting your time, folks. I’ll be uploading them to filesmelt, if you’re still interested check again in about 5 minutes.

You have to copy the direct link between the IMG tags, currently you’ve got the link that leads to the imageshack page.

You currently have this kind of urls between the tags

Where as you should have urls that look like this

-Facepalm- Sorry, fixed it now. Thank you for helping me out with that.

Use this site http://filesmelt.com/simple
Follow directions below.


No opinions, people?

The pics are ok, the posing is quite nice for first, just remember to tone the bloom down and don’t go crazy with the faceposing.

Bad idea using GM_construct.
Otherwise Scout’s neck is funny-shaped, dont see many other problems.
Edit : Nvm, Give me books, didn’t notice the apologizing part.

When you pose in contruct, people tend to ignore the pictures.

Excessive face posing. Camera is zoomed to much. To much bloom. TF2 models do not go well with maps outside the game. They have a unique graphic style adapted to the maps within the game. I have seen worst first poses, but construct drags your work down. For the posing you just have to keep practicing. Rome wasn’t build in one day.

For maps go here if you don’t already know http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=Maps

Thank you for the C&C. Since it was my first try I didn’t want to get too much water in over my head, so I kept it basic and focused on the posing and the camera angles.

And once again, sorry for gm_construct. Maybe you have any suggestions on scenebuilding or any tutorials that can help me?

Before trying scenebuilds, master your posing dude.

For example, the finger posing/hand posing needs tons of work right now, look at the hands/fingers on both Demo man’s pics, he’s not gripping the sword properly. Also remember to check the picture for clipping issues before you post it(the fingers are clipping the sword in the third pic).

Right now I would suggest just posing on nice maps(if you have CS:S you can go to FPSB and download some nice maps), later when you really feel like you have improved on your posing you can try scenebuilding.

And always work on the angles for your pictures, show the pose and not empty background(You can also use Super DoF to blur the background so the pose stands up more).

Okay. I’m much obliged for your helpfulness, this will aid me for sure.

I have a tiny problem with my computer that can only be resolved with a format of C:/, but after that I will only post pictures with decent enough maps and backgrounds.

As a general rule, don’t use gm_construct.

I hate build maps in posings. I like the demomans anyways.

You do better as a guy who criticizes other peoples work then one who makes pictures himself, and I mean, they’re not horrible, better then kynos, but think, criticize your picture like you didn’t make it, do you really think you would have put this in construct? Do you really think everything would be so stiff?

Didn’t read the “look past construct part” give me bad reading

Nothing much to add, Enhanced’s post is perfect.