I delted a item?

I was in the props menu, and I right clicked a washing machine and clicked Delete. How do I get it back? It disappeared from the props list…

You delted an item?

I didn’t know I could delted an item

you can find it by browsing the full model list and from there you can add it to whatever list you want, or even make a new one

Unless you saved it the spawnlist will return to defaults everytime the game is loaded.
You need to click the little save buttons to save spawnlists that are made or removed.

Why’d you delt it in the first place?

Didn’t know about the Z key?

remover tool anyone? back in the days I didn’t know anything about gmod, thus not knowing about the z key. the remover tool was holy to me.

Delete System32!
I joke i joke
you just nned to refresh the icons, right click and it should something like that in Gmod

delting objects off your spawn menu must be a real feat.

I did this once. I saved it right when I knew I could. When i deleted my prop, I just restarted GMOD. there it was, If you didn’t save it, sorry, its gone for good.