I desperately need a fix for my jumpy/stuttery gameplay. Any input would be great.

My Problem: When I am playing rust about every 5-20 seconds (it varies a bunch) my game stutters. To me when this happens it looks like I jump back in time about 2 seconds. Meaning that I could be running along and suddenly the game jumps me back two seconds to where I was before. Another example: I am leaving my house. I open my door leave and then close the door behind me…and then bam the game jumps and I am back inside my house. It seems to happen with the most frequency when I am mining. It seems that about every other hit I have to repeat because the game is jumping me back. The big issue in all of this is that I suspect that when I jump in my perspective I am just standing still in game.

Why it is a problem: I can’t PVP because shooting people is impossible when you are jumping/lagging. And I cannot run from anyone either. Because of the jumps I probably get places 20% slower (because I am constantly jumping backwards) which means that anyone can catch up to me and kill me easy. Another problem is with aggressive AI. I might be shooting a zombie or a wolf and suddenly the game jumps and I am dead because they have actually been hitting me for 2 seconds.

What I have tried: I have see similar problems and people claim to fix it be disabling their Realtek drivers. Unfortunately I do not have realtek drivers. I suspect the problem stems from my external wireless adapter I just bought because my internal wireless just died. And no I do not have access to an ethernet cable.

Any ideas?

hit F1, type grass.on false
maybe a restart is required

also the lagspikes are server sided, high populated, too many items on the server, too many buildings etc…

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also try this:

This is also known as Rubberbanding.
It’s due to you lagging, or the server lagging. Try and find a good ping server :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have tried playing without grass and I have tried playing on a brand new server with zero buildings and few people. Still happens unfortunately.

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I have tried finding the lowest ping server I can and it still occurs