I did not get a Key ! :(

I have already bought the game before it was released on Steam !
But I did not get a code to my email .
Now I´m sad…is ask the Support but .
I asked the support, but that was not a big help.
I hope my English is good Enough to understand.
Locdogy :slight_smile:

well, if support couldn’t help you then I don’t know what to tell you.

Other than never sign your posts…geez

Go here and sign in if your credentials are valid you should get your Steam Key. Its the old Rust site where you were supposed to go to claim your Steam Key when they switched. I don’t believe they were ever E-Mailed.

Where can i find the Old Play Rust Website ?

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OMG!!! Ty SteakStyles :slight_smile: It work´s

The blue words in my post, if that doesn’t work: http://old.playrust.com/

Your welcome and if it was successful, happy surviving.

Ty Dude !