"I didn't have a choice... they were infected..." (Nothing life-changing here folks)

I promised myself I’d pose something worth people’s time over my four day break. Seeing as I went back on that promise (as usual) I got nothing but this simple (lame, rather) picture. Several factors were the cause of this: Red Dead Redemption, homework (ho ho that’s rich), Lost Finale, and of course creative recluse.

I was limited to the models I wanted to use and what I could use because the folders wouldn’t open up and I had no intention of going back into GMOD once I got out. So, I was unable to add that soldier dude in the previous picture [relating to these characters (Alyx’s character in particular)].


The previous related picture:

Reminds me of Dawn of the Dead for some reason.

Especially from that guy in the middle.

Well I think it looks nice :buddy:

It reminds me of shaun of dead , the basement under the bar :stuck_out_tongue: It looks good :buddy:

Where’d that Father Grigori reskin come from?

Very nice pic.

That’s surprising.

I just found the Grigori skin in a skin pack. I’ll find the pack once I get home…

Hi me.

too much noise

Hi you.

Ben Wolfe why don’t you die!


I cannot die. Too much to be done.