"I didn't sign up for this..." - the clean-up team sanitising a subject

  • Inspired by The Crazies:

I’m not really happy with this. I forgot to give them gasmasks, the posing is pretty off and the flamethrower looks like shit. Regardless, C&C please.

In the movie they were wearing gasmasks, but that can’t really be helped. The flame coming out does look a little putrid, but the other side of it is nice.

Looks quite good actually, but it could due without the TV lines. They’re so overused, and it’s getting pretty annoying.

Posing doesn’t look very off at all, in fact, I think it looks good. Flamethrower needs some work, but it’s all coo’ anyway.

Gracias for the comment.

Tbh Ddok is the only person who ever uses them (even if it is in every pose :P) and I have used them only once or twice in my whole time here so I thought I’d have a go. It kinda fits the subject matter anyway; it’s not like I’m just slapping it on any old picture.

How did you get those “TV lines” in there?

GIMP has a filter that puts them in with a simple click! I erased them by 50% though because the effect was too strong.

TV lines fit perfectly. Also better news, if you ever have to edit some sort of lava gun just repeat this process :v:

The lighting is great as always.

Uhhuh, those bars.

The thrusting fire isn’t done very well - it looks low-res/blurred and not cutted wery well.
I like the atmosphere, tho. And the lighting is neat.

I think it’s pretty neat.

Holy shit I thought this might be related to “The Crazies” but I didn’t expect it to be…

I loved that fucking movie.

10/10 because I don’t know shit about being a critic about editing and because the picture is epic.

I agree, the end of the flame looks alot cooler than the start of it, but I know that making fire is fucking hard.

The lightning is really cool and the pose is nice.

Guy on the left should cover his eyes! Nice fire effect.

The choice of models is really unfitting, but i think that’s a great picture though.

Thanks, everyone.

Did anybody read the lovely story I made up while I was posting the picture?


Of course, i love Cpt. Jimmahiz.

shading and posing looks quite good
but i dont really like the fire coming out of the flamethrower, looks stretched and a bit low res
you could also see, if im not wrong, erase marks with soft brush at the edge of the flames coming out
really good picture overall though

Awesome fire and fantastic lighting but yeah they should have masks and maybe the guy with the flamethrower should have some kind of flame retardant suit. I’m not sure if there’s a model of those though.

I like it the posing seems nice and i think the TV line fit for once.

That looks fucking hot. Flame makes up for any other short comings. It is awesome.