I didn't smoke, but it was polite.



oh also its based on http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=25212856&postcount=2897

Yeah I’d be polite to a guy with a gun too.

Anyway, amazing as ever.

I don’t get the title. The effects are nice tho.

I just linked the story it’s based on obviously you don’t get the title

not that I expect you to read it, it’s incredibly enormous

Nicely atmospheric.

good, as usual. some clipping but generally not too serious.

The heavy desaturation contrasting with the saturation and strong orange colouration of the fire reminds me of the Bad Company 2 box-art.

This is cool. I like it. Some of the shading seems lazy and unrealistic (like on the strap for the dude’s CP helmet) but overall this is really good.

I know the shading job seems lazy, but



oh and thanks

I like the whole desaturated & saturated parts, is nice overall; the left guy seems kinda stiff in the back though

I’m actually kind of glad I read the story. Creepy stuff.

It’s like the pearly gates of Heaven are opening down the hall and they’re fascinated by fire. Damn cavemen.

Cool stuff though.