I disconnect from Death

Ok, on this one RP server that I play, whenever I die, I disconnect. Also, it seems, whenever I take drugs on it I die as well, but when im hurt or shot I dont disconnect, so it doesnt seem to be happening from health loss. Anyone have an idea?

Also, my Garrys Mod is all messed up from a supposed Update, so now the menus and eveything glitch out a lot and stuff. So if anyone knows how to fix that too, please mention that as well.

Is it possible they made it that way?

It IS an RP server…

I guess it would be possible, but as for the “glitchs” OP, i do not know

It’s not how the RP is played. WHen you die normally you respawn, but when I die, I disconnect from Garrys Mod and I get an error saying it had to close.

Do you have any mods on death (like first - person death) that could be glitching? I’m just making guesses, as this has never happened to me…