I do not have cs: source!

i’m sorry for posting in wrong thread i just followed link from garrysmod.org u can remove that anyways:

Hey guys i just bought TF2 + Garry’s Mod and that was a mistake, cause most materials is from CSS so i’m asking if anyone knows any addon or plugin that does so i do not have to buy CS Source? Please tell me ASAP! Most of props is Error and yeah i got Phx3 SVN and wiremod and etcetera.

No, im sorry. Even if it did it would probably mess up steam cause it be illegal and it would not work, so far as a model pack from CSS, that would require someone very dedicated to extract and give them to you. And that would only get you as far as props. For other stuff i don’t know. Well good luck finding some really dedicated person on a site that won’t ban you for talking about distributing the GCFs. I say buy CSS, you wont regret it.

You need to buy it to get the models and textures.

As far as props and textures go, your screwed unless you buy CSS, but you can download custom weapon and player model skins so you can still use them.

ok ty every1

-Buy It
-Download the CSS Model Pack

The CS:S what pack?