I do not want to be out to drift


Sweet mother nature, I never thought the snow can be made of sand!

the only reason you’re nitpicking is because you know the location this is taken at, otherwise you’d have no clue there is sand anywhere

you should complain about how there are floating lamps outside the scene

Now that I know there is sand the picture is completely ruined.
Just kidding.
It’s okay. The texture on the pillar(?) behind him is muddy and it sort of broke the picture for me. The snow looks good though.

The main issue I have here is the fact that I can still SEE sand.

He ruined it for me… Nice picture but that random white blur at the bottom is sorta bothering me.

Sweet mother nature, I never knew someone could be such an asshole!

Great stuff man, although the contrast is a bit high, there’s more to show in the back to show is there?

I love your style. There are some aliasing problems though.

Pretty cool. The bloom is a little crazy but I like it. The wounded-looking character and snow remind me of Uncharted.

No actually, it’s just the crane

I never purposely not include things from the original screenshot as I take a lot of time setting up the picture, and I already take note of the background decoration there