I Don´t Care About Hackers, Im More Worried with ADM ABUSE

Hey guys, im here to tell you all how im tired about adm abuse on this game. I know everyone have troubles with hackers and that things, but… im so tired about every server that i join i leave because adm. I ALREADY DIED TO HACKERS TOO BUT I DONT CARE, AT LEAST THEY CANT SPAWNS THINGS AND BUILD A 10000X1000 METAL HOUSE I GUESS. I came here to suggest for the community of rust, if u agree with me and remove all adm “spawn commands”. They can ban/kick/… but things like spawn itens, god mod where they join a figth with normal players and kill them in god mode that is just stupid.

Here is my opinion, sorry for my english, my teacher sucks not my fault!

Thx :slight_smile:

Whilst there’s other threads on this already, which I’m sure you’ll find eventually, just a couple of points.

As players have to rent servers at the moment, because there is no option for private ones (totally fine with this, I completely understand and agree with why its done) a lot of servers are run by people for themselves and a few friends who may have an entirely different point of view on how they want to run and experience the game. The server wasnt really made for you, and you’re there because you happened to find the server. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave their server at any time. They on the other hand, are pretty much stuck there.

Similarly, some admins may feel like spawning themselves a couple of items isn’t such a bad thing, and fair compensation for forking out the cash to run the server for people to use. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave their server at any time. They on the other hand, are pretty much stuck there.

Others, some of whom have posted on the forums about it, may spawn stuff to run their own in game events and challenges, or for the sheer joy of building things to amuse themselves. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave their server at any time. They on the other hand, are pretty much stuck there.

And then there are those, (and in a competative pvp environment, you can guarantee there will always be those) who just want to start off running with nice gear so they can take on anyone that gets in their way. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave their server at any time. They on the other hand, are pretty much stuck there.

On top of all that, there’s legitimate cases where an admin needs to administer the server, restore items that were lost or glitched, investigate hack complaints without worrying about being slaughtered while trying to get a fair view, etc etc, for which all these powers can be required at any time.

There are thousands of servers out there. They don’t all have bad admins, and as the server population grows, the likelihood is that as time goes on there will be more and more servers that cater to specific game styles. Jump around and find one that caters to your specific server requirements, because none of the administrators are under any obligation to change the way they play the game to suit you. An admin is tied to a server, you aren’t.

To quote myself:

Dunno how many ‘‘admin abuse’’ threads I saw yet.

PS: Why are you writing ‘‘adm’’? Even if your English Teachers sucks, you should be able to write a whole word.

try this server: element0.com. ip is on the website. All admin has no give item permission. Very friendly community and huge raids going on sometimes. Im playing on it since i left a server because an admin was training his aim on freshies…

The server run by www.Crimson-Ops.com has no admin abuse (admins are community officers that use their privileges to ban hackers, and to run scheduled events)

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The answer to this problem is simple: Each one of these admins, or admin teams, is paying money for their server. This means that you also have the option to pay money for a server that you can be an admin of, and never use your admin abilities. But, until you are paying for your own server, it just appears unreasonable to me - and I am probably wrong, but in case I am not - for you to demand rules for a group of people that you do not belong to that are paying for something that you aren’t paying for.

Just my opinion. Sorry for my English. I am an English teacher.

So if I want to just build a giant metal tower in my own creative-rules server I shouldn’t be allowed to?

Yes, some admins abuse. However people probably get tired of their shit and quit their server, so I can guarantee they won’t be abusing for long.

That’s still no justification for removing console commands.

So you, an unpaying scrub who doesn’t support a server, thinks that other people should adhere to how YOU want them to play. Despite the fact that they pay monthly for the server that YOU are playing on.

Let me know how your boss likes you telling him how your job should be. :slight_smile:

Play official servers and you won’t have to worry about admin abuse. I’d be more concerned about hackers.

Again, another person wanting the game to be changed because of player actions. As DrNeosis stated several times, find a different server. There are nearly 3000 servers up and running at any given time. If you cant find ONE server that works for you then you truly are a tool and need to quit online gaming right now. Here on the interwebs you have no control unless you pay for it. Find a group of like minded people and go there, nothing is keeping you in your unpleasant situation except you

Well luckily on the server I run there is no admin abuse :slight_smile: I guess you just have to find the right one?