"I don't blame them for leaving me..." - Ellis standing alone at night

only ingame editing as always thought i guess you got used to that soo whatever :v:

pose (skin) idea came from original l4d2 campaign run by me, where, after going all 5 campaigns as Ellis, having fun and gnomes, i got down right infront of friggen choppa at end of Parish, and left to die by other players…

i did not wanted that to be end of mah story as Ellis.

model view: http://i47.tinypic.com/14nls9w.jpg
Might release it very soon.

Holy shit that’s awesome.

Holy shit that’s awesome.


Damn ninjas taking my words :argh:

Nice faceposing.
1,000th post. :dance:

The only way Ellis could get more badass…
Add a beard…
I really admire the fact that you only use in-game editing.
Have some colorful wood.

Really nice, I like how you used those pocket things to put on the pipe bombs and so on.

Immense :3
No other words cna describe it
As a token of my appreciation i will give you…

Nice. Are you going to release and is it hexed?


Amazing work. I also love how he seems to be blind in his left eye.

Certified Zombie Exterminator

Where did you get the walkie talkie??

Yea, it looks like a really nice touch.

Is the beard ingame edit aswell?

nice idea!

Its a reskined version of him that has beard.

Whenever your done with the skin can you release it as a hexed model and put it in a spawnlist.

Ellis… you’re MORE badass!

Great work, kari.

Damn this is good work, but you got to use the vest before I did, so now I hate you:kratos:

I expected something way different, but this is awesome.