I don't have guns or c4. What now?

How does youse guise spend your free time in Rust?

I still haven’t been able to find any BPs for guns, c4, or any type of armor (I know, I will continue to hit barrels). I’ve built several houses and upgraded them fully, had a few small scale adventures, but after a few wipes, I’m wondering if there’s anything more for a lowly player like myself. I can’t exactly raid or pose a threat to anyone that isn’t on a similar “level” as me. I’m open to suggestions!


You can only find gun BP’s in rad town crates, you might be able to find the eoka pistol in a barrel and explosives.

Do you mean specific guns? My friend found a Revolver BP in a barrel.

This is wrong. I’ve found both ak/pump shotty bp and c4 bp x2 from regular barrels. I’m guessing its just not as common.

Agreed, I’ve never ventured into a rad town, at least not for the past few weeks.
All my blueprints have been found in random barrels scattered across the landscape (AK / C4 / Shotty / Thompson / Bolt)

Sounds like you’ve had some luck! Any advice on what I could/should be doing in the meantime?

Make Gunpowder or sulfur and trade it for a gun BP.

Keep hunting for barrels. Most efficient way is to build a couple small shacks around the desert or snow biomes and just keep respawning and running between them.

Build a small shack close to the radtowns and place a couple sleeping bags in them so you can run through them looking for crates. Right before sunrise is a good time to find crates.

Hunt well equipped players with a bow and arrow and spear.

Find a group of buildings and offer to trade resource gathering for BP’s.

Having a network of small shacks you can respawn in is helpful. Let’s say you start in East and run all the way to the West collecting barrels along the way. Ditch your stuff in the last shack, suicide back to the first shack, and run through the network again. Multiple spawn points are always good.

Attacking well equipped players is risky but doable. When I do my barrel runs I start with nothing but a rock, and sometimes a wood spear. After a few barrels you should have a bow, arrows, etc. Who cares if you attack someone and lose it since you just found it anyways. Also, remember nakeds running in the desert are sometimes loaded with stuff because they’re also doing barrel runs.

Arrows should be able to drop a well equipped player, but I haven’t played since the last update so I’m not sure how much damage they do now. However, arms, legs, and necks are still vulnerable!

if you get him two times in the head, even with a blue helmet he goes down; but the whole things depends on his reflexes to heal himself up after the first hit.

Good info to know. Thank you! (and frank_walls of course)

frank_walls is right, first you need a sleeping bag or two. Make a spear, and go hunting in the forest. As soon as you have enough cloth for a sleeping bag, head south into the desert where all the barrels are. Try to hide your sleeping bag, either in a bush, or under the water’s edge, so people can’t destroy it. Now just run around the desert popping barrels until you have all the BPs you need. If/when you get killed, just respawn at your sleeping bag and keep going. As soon as you have a codelock and a large wooden box from the barrels, setup a small stone base near your sleeping bag, and start stashing your loot there … this should be enough to get you established. Then you need to hunt a couple more animals and make a furnace…

Gun BPs show up in regular loot barrels too, not just rad sites. Got the AK, Thompson and pump shotgun BPs in random barrels.

I have never found a gun bp in a barrel except the eoka, I found all my gun bp’s in rad town crates but I guess I just haven’t been as lucky lol.

Yeah, they’re very rare. I usually play as part of a team of 4-5 people. We go on cross-island barrel hunting expeditions as a group. In a 2 week span, we got those 3 BPs once amongst our group. Only the AK BP came from a rad site, but it was from one of the barrels outside the small rad house, not from a crate. The other 2 came from random barrels.

Was lucky enough to find a Revolver BP in a barrel after posting this thread! Judging by all the responses, it doesn’t seem like there’s much use in getting set up in one big base until I’ve found the essential BPs. Sounds like my immediate future will consist of shack-to-shack barrel runs.

Unless you’re playing with a group, all you need is a place to hang your hat as you collect the important BPs. Once you have things like the large crate, hatchet, ice pick and code lock though, you’re at least ready to build a reasonably nice base to call home. Till then, the nomadic lifestyle with a bow and arrow works quite well.

I actually have all of those BPs and have fully upgraded my home before. But there doesn’t seem to be much to do if you haven’t found gun/c4 BPs (bc raiding pretty much requires them).