I don't know how to begin this game..


Noob here! I bought Rust after the Alpha 7 patch for 7 Days to Die kind of broke my experience… So here I am with Rust. I spawn and promptly chase after some game for food or search out some trees or just run aimlessly in a random direction then I am killed by someone with an M4. Ok, no problem, switch server, try again…same result. I managed to get a stone pickaxe once…once…before I was promptly murdered by some squealing child who quickly called me a noob and said, “Go back to hell!”

So my question is, how exactly does one start out in this game? How am I ever supposed to get anywhere when even the low population servers have someone in full Kevlar with an M4 ready to send my naked-ass back to re-spawn again?

I absolutely LOVE the premise of the game. It’s survival as it should be but HOW does someone start out with so many vultures ready to pwn a naked noob back to Hell… again? Must I find a private server to enjoy this game? Do I hae to rent my own? Is there something I am missing from this spawn-death experience?

I completely understand that it is incomplete, but bloody hell! How does anyways get off on the same shit over and over?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Jack’s Sparrow!

Firstly, I share your frustration. That said it 's much easier when you accept that dying is a big part of the game. When you finally do get a foothold and someone comes to attack you it’s a heart pumping experience and if you lose everything you just spent 8+ hours building up its heartbreaking. Just gotta pull out that rock and start whacking trees again and trust me, all servers have dicks that get off on power trips. Best bet is to get a friend or two or three and team up. Good luck!!!

PVE server will probably be your best bet till you have everything figured out, once your more comfortable with the game then switch to a PVP server.

Yes a private server might be best, Official servers are infested with cheaters so unless you cheat you have no chance. Its worse than you could imagine, they can fly, run 5 times as fast as you, spot u from miles away and press one button to head shot you and kill you. They have map overlays, esp’s and can walk and shoot through walls, we have no chance, that is why im on these forums and not playing, I log in every other day to stop my base decaying. in hope that one day I can play the game, at the moment I have had 5 days cheater free days out of 60.
That is the way the anticheat works on this game we have to suck it up because it is alpha, I understand it is alpha but I thought it would be game development and gameplay problems I really didnt think it would be a cheater issue. This makes the game unplayable.

Please don’t ban me again for writing the wrong title in the thread, I’m so sorry

  1. Beat your rock against a wood pile and a stone pile
  2. Craft a stone hatchet
  3. Kill a pig with your stone hatchet
  4. Craft a bow and some arrows
  5. Proceed to farm 500-600 wood, 50+ metal ore, 15+ cloth, and a few stones. Focus on metal and wood piles.
  6. Find a hidden spot, build yourself a 1x1 and furnish it with a workbench, sleeping bag campfire and furnace.
  7. Transform your metal ore into metal fragments in the furnace, your raw chicken breasts to cooked ones on the campfire. Build a metal door once you have 200 fragments.

And you are good to go. From here, you’ll want to keep farming wood and metal to expand your house, and use bow and arrow to farm red wolves and bears. Spice things up with some naked runs into rad towns and see if you can find something good.

As for people killing you, tbh, you just need to be smart about things. I can normally have a stone hatchet and bow within 2-5 minutes of spawning, but the 1x1 takes a bit more time to be ready. Whenever I am beating on a resource pile, I am constantly moving and looking around me. If you see another player, always assume they are going to kill you.

The more people on the server, the worse it gets, but I normally have no problem getting established this way on servers with 30-50 people on them. As you play more, you’ll learn the map, and once you know it and have a favored house spot or two, it’ll be much easier to get started from fresh spawn. To reduce the “getting murdered by guys with M4”-factor, pick a server that has been recently wiped, and/or go for one that restricts military weapons in some way, either by reducing drop rates or making them uncraftable.

And always remember, never not be afraid.

hide. not being a dick here about it. But knowing there are ruthless murdering bands of prepubecence little boys the best thing to do is stick to the rocks for cover and find an isolated area. Put your base as far off the grid as you are willing to. you could always find a really low pop server. or find one that states it is “noob friendly”

Check it! Just for you!!

I have a different opinion. True for the server 50 players in peak hours.
Now newbie’s amazing period: nothing to lose! It is necessary to use!
Need to run civilian objects. Search drawings, weapons, first aid kits, take things and hide in the rocks. Weapons and study kits immediately.
One of the servers I still do not have my door. However, armed with a shotgun, MP5, know how to make explosives. And I still have nothing to lose and I’m not afraid that someone would kill me.

Best advice for the brand new, find an empty server just so you can figure out how things work, like cooking meat, crafting, hunting animals and building a base. Once you get a hang of the mechanics, join a low population server. 20-50 people or so and start learning how to survive. Key advice, trust no one.

I honestly have no idea what everyone’s complaining about… I am killed maybe 3 times before I decide to try and build a house. Then I’m killed if I’m unlucky… and if I am lucky then I get a 3x3 going and am able to make the center blocked off with doors, have a front door / chamber, and have a spawn room and everything set up.

I honestly have no idea what everyone complains about in here, like I understand being killed a few times but the amount of complaining everyone does at the huge level- Like do they stand in an open field screaming “HEY KILL ME”?

I always notice new people running up to random people. They think that being social will save them. They don’t understand that it puts them in danger. Then they complained about getting killed.

Always stay away from everyone. Constantly look around, even between mining hits. If you see anyone, even a naked person, run the opposite direction. I’ve even found myself running away from my own clan because i didnt know who they were

Enjoy it while you can. I’m 270h in and don’t know what to do because everything is pointless as fuck.
I had so damn much fun in the beginning, the experience was enormous. Now it’s all about being an asshole to accomplish anything. And everybody is being an asshole, because they can.

Big idiot clans getting settled on a small pop. server, raiding everthing and making everybody leave.
Idiots using exploits and bugs.
Idiot childs doing their childish idiot shit while squawking immature stuff via voicechat.

Also, read the forum. There’s MUCH to know.

i dont know how to end this game…:suicide:

Go on a PVE server or go on a server that has just been wiped.

You could join a sever with no people on it. But it’s much more fun to play with others. You appear to be unlucky. Even when I played on populated servers, I was not seeing a lot of bandit.

I think they should not kill the nude players, I don’t even if it would be fun.

On the server i play on we have a fort set up in next valley. We police the area and allow noobs to farm and build homes there. Lots of people have established in this valley. If you grief here you die. If you attack my fort everyone in the area comes out ready to kill. It is like stepping on an ant bed. Stay on a server a while and be friendly and you will gain a reputation. On our server bandits don’t last long because the good guys pull their resources and act as a team to eliminate them. My group has interrupted countless raids when good Rep’d people call for help. I also run a general store where I craft items for materials plus 20%. The admins are great also. Cheaters get swiftly liberated. Critt is my rust name message me for server details. I’m at work right now and don’t recall server name.

you can join my server (restricted C4 & modern guns). low/no pop atm so should be easy to get established. Search my posts for the list in the rust servers subforum if you’re interested.

Stick with it, it’s really good fun when you’re not getting quite so hammered =]

pick empty servers or very low # of players at first, lets you get the hang of it without worrying that people will kill you on site.

then find a nice hidden spot… and start building/messing around.

Don’t pick empty Boreing server. Pick a populated one with a good community. Refer to my earlier post.

You aren’t trying. This is not a themepark man. The main enemies in this game are other players so have to at least try to play smart.

Running down the road naked or running to rad towns etc is goin to get you killed. Despit what all the crybabies say no one gives a fuck about your rock. People kill you because either they wanna see you cry or because they don’t want you hittin "their " resources. I’ve personally looted over a thousand resources off a naked and often get a good hail off them. I don’t kill them because I’m scared of geared people as a a lot of shit players say. I just want resources and they are quicker and easier to get off you than hittin nodes.

Get to know the map , find lower pop areas and farm there till you get set up, it is easy as fuck. Use your brain. Get a pipe shotgun as soon as ya can, defend yourself. I’ve killed a lot of guys with guns with a starter rock.

Try rather than cry.