I dont know how to get around this.

I made a bomb that can be used in wire mod so you can wire it with a button but when you spawn it . it will spawn as a world prop so the tool gun is blocked
for all the guest players on my server.
so my question is how do you make the entity give ownership to the player that spawned it.

Depends what prop protection you’re using. ent:CPPISetOwner( ply ) is for things such as SPP and FPP.

Or maybe Entity:SetOwner( Entity )?
Sets the ‘owner’ of an entity. This disables collision between the entity and its owner. If the prop kills another entity, the owner of the prop will be the inflictor and will get credit for the kill.

That’s for parenting, completely different to this. If you’re using FPP you should use CPPI:SetOwner as Blasphemy said, but I think you can just directly set .Owner on the entities table.

yea it is fpp im gonna try it now

ok the entity has an owner now but you still cant use the tool gun but you can use the physgun on it . is there a way to block the physgun and unblock the toolgun. i dont want players jamming bombs into buildings