I don't know how to to render a normal map in a certain way

Here is what i’m trying to do:



I am using 3ds max.

I have many models that I want to be a 2d sprite. Of course I can render out the colour just fine, but I have no idea how to give it a normal map that is based off what the camera is looking at, not based on the uv map/texture/whatever. The normal map is to go on a quad along with the base sprite and then lit, it’s not for a low res model.

Any help would be reeeaaally appreciated.

Have you tried projecting the object’s normals onto a plane? That seems like that’d produce the best results. I’ll find a tutorial if you need one.

EDIT: Meh. Tutorial anyway: http://forums.mapcore.net/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=6806&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&sid=96298ed5dfddc5a04d97a9aff58534bc Steps of interest are from 6 on. You can also do this with the color, too.

Yeah i’m pretty much a noob at this stuff, I had not tried that, didn’t even know about it to be honest. Results are way better than I expected. I love you. Here’s a little test I did, rendering it on a quad: