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Hi I have a problem with the TF2 ragdolls in Gmod and it TF2 its self
it seems that they wont make faces with the face poser or in the game when they talk or take damage there faces stay the same blank one
also the fingers have the same problem I can pose them and they stay on default in TF2

Have you installed any skins or something alike?

not that I can remember but I only noticed it after I lower’d the graphics settings to let me play the game without lag but I dont think that’ll be the problem and if I did put a skin on them it would’nt effect the garrys mod ones would it?

The Team-Fortress 2 Ragdolls can’t be faceposed very easily.

I’ve not it before in the past but resently they’ve just stopped working on face pose and finger pose
even in the game TF2 they anit makin faces or finger changes

Delete your garrysmod folder and reinstall it, then reinstall team fortress 2. This might fix it.

wait would’nt deleting Garrysmod mean I have to rebuy it? I have the CD for reinstalling TF2 but I downloaded Gmod off steam

No. It will reinstall on it’s own. Once you’ve bought it, you have bought it.
Unless you’re a silly pirate :stuck_out_tongue:

yar what make you think aye be a pirate ya land lubor D:<
meh i’ll re-install Tf2 first and see if thats the problem first
I found the problem my graphics settings where to low