I don't know what to do with this mod I made.

I promised myself I wouldn’t come back to this shit-fuck of a website, but here I am… asking for your advice.
A while back I created this video of some physics shit synced up to music.

It got pretty big on /r/GamePhysics, and people were begging me to make it into a Trouble in Terrorist Town map as a follow up to ttt_terrorception.
I finally got around to working on that project again recently and I have got pretty far actually…

(Here’s the entire playlist if you’re interested.)

…but it just doesn’t feel right. My goal with ttt_terrorception was to create a map that was tight and fun, improving on some of the stuff that was considered at the time “standard” for TTT maps like fucking traitor rooms, traitor traps, shitty ladders, etc… The point being, I don’t feel like I’m doing that by making my idea into a TTT map. The combination of the synced music events and the gameplay of Trouble in Terrorist Town just don’t go together.

So I’m asking you guys for your advice… what the fuck do I do with this.

This isn’t the best way of asking someone for help. Don’t expect any from me at least.

Also, the video tags don’t work because you have to remove the s in https.

It is a shit hole of a website full of hypocritical twats though. The odd rose/helpful person but most people here are twats.

If you could some how turn those speakers in to a spawnable entity I would love you so much. If you have nothing to do with it though I think its worth giving people the vmf so they can use this for their own stuff.

They are spawnable.

EDIT: Well, the DJ is spawnable. The physics stuff hasn’t been implemented yet, that was just built into the map I’d made a while back.

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You do make a good point… also, thank you <3