I dont know what to make next.

To be honest im out of ideas, i had plans to make some of my releases have options to do things when they ran out of ammo, Such as Dropping it, converting the metal into ammo, stuff like that, but im no good with derma. So i just want some new ideas to create some things thats all. Please dont go ranting about Neotokyo or Zeno clash sweps or something along those lines. Ill tell you these 2 bbecause Neotokyo sweps are just… bad, and zeno clash sweps use c_models i think.

Doom zombie npc

A script that, when targeting a player, makes 5 Klieners (playermodel, with animations), run up and beat the player to death with baby dolls, then the Klieners self-destruct. THE END.

i got 1 make something that when a headcrab kills a npc or player it will spawn a zombie like normal headcrab and human=zombie headcrab and combine=zombine fast and so on… one of my big wishes to have in gmod hope you think it is worth working on XD

…punctuation, please…and, that seems pretty awesome, except there’s no fast zombine.

Im not good with npcs, Weapons is my speciality, And animations.

The Huntsman from Team Fortress 2 please, it’ll be so much fun to pin those Kleiners to the wall.

Perhaps a gun that could somehow trap you? Meh, I personally think we have to many guns in GMod. We need more Entities / Gamemodes.

I can try entitys. after all, i did do the sin assault rifle and grenades ^^, i guess i can give entitys another go =)

:frowning: I would’ve liked a huntsman (or I guess you could use the bow v_model from Age of Chivalry, seeing that you don’t like to use the tedious c_models) but I guess we do need more entities.

Sounds a bit cheap, but a magnet, attracting the metal props would be cool. Able to be toggled on and off, of course.

there’s an admin-only Cage-Gun

How did your look at the Fortress Forever models go? :3:

This doesn’t seem too hard
(I didn’t intend to post this here, that’s why it’s in a separate thread)

Instead of making stuff, Why not experiment with gamemodes? Just start of with the gamemode tutorial on the wiki, and then just keep adding to it.


I didnt say stop making stuff, I said experiment with gamemodes. We have a lack of good gamemodes at the moment.

You did indeed. Right here. Big, bold, red letters.

As in, stop making stuff for the moment. Not all together. Gamemodes > Sweps.

i say you should make a halo 3 : odst style hud.

Wait, Wizey!, can you code scripted entities?