I dont know where to start with this game

I just got this game today and honestly I’m extremely confused. I see tons of checkerboxes and error models and since I am missing css I can’t play alot of fun custom game modes. I need help from you guys on
A: What downloads/addons I need in order to solve my missing model/texture problems in multiplayer servers (the essentials)
B: What fun game modes I can play which don’t require CS:S
C: Fun servers for a beginner like me to start with

A. Wire + PHX3 (most common)
B. All gamemodes dont require anything, its the maps that you have to look-out for.
C. TRY Sandbox.

Can I have a link to download those two? Also I need help on finding out where to place them. I suppose it would be addons depending on what they are.

Go to garrysmod.org for any add on.

I also want some specific game modes. Im dying to try out TTT but sadly I do not own CSS. I had a CSS gift pass before and it could work with Obsidian Conflict, I kept a gcf file called counter strike source shared.gcf but that doesnt help much. So again, I need some really fun game modes which don’t require css.

Most of the gamemodes and maps out there require it. I highly suggest you buy it.

Problem is I really don’t have the cash to buy it with me. I heard there are some really popular fretta game modes out there but I just don’t know which ones to pick.

In that case, I suggest finding a Fretta server. If I remember correctly, servers with a Fretta setup vote for a gamemode at the end of a round. There are a lot of good ones. Also, as unfortunate as it is, CS:S is pretty much essential for a great deal of custom content. Anybody’s guess, I know.

Wire is SVN only.

You will need a SVN Client like TortoiseSVN for Downloading Wire/PHX. The guide is here:
http://www. wiremod.com/forum/installation-malfunctions-support/4-wiremod-svn-guide.html

I’ve seen many movies of Gmod where the NPCs follow a certain path.Does anyone know how to do this?

Wrong thread buddy.

Which thread then? I can never tell.

I installed wiremod and phx3 into the addons folders and suddenly my GMOD menu is black. I can’t see a single thing.

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Just fixed it, cleaned out the PHX crap I had from another server in settings folder.

Maybe CS:S wil go on sale for Black Friday. Depending on how much money you have maybe you could buy it then.

You make one, troll.

CS:S is currently $3.99 i believe. Get it now! Steal money if you have to haha. Also, some(i mean some) DarkRP servers are okay but pick carefully. Some are terrible and most are exactly the same as they are run by 12 year olds with Mummys credit cards and then have no idea how to code lua.

But Friendly Players Serious Roleplay is a great place for beginners they’re friendly and most people will help. I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

  1. Download GCFScape
  2. Open Counter Strike: source shared.gcf
  3. Highlight Materials, Models, Maps, and Sounds
  4. Create a folder on desktop called “Counter Strike Content”
  5. Extract the Materials, Models, Maps, and Sounds folders into said desktop folder
  6. Find any addon, copy the info.txt file, place it in the desktop “Counter Strike Content” folder
  7. Extract the “Counter Strike Content” folder to account/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons
  8. Boom, you have CS:S content in Garry’s Mod

You can still play gamemodes like TTT without CSS, you’ll just have no models for weapons etc.

Unfortunately, that makes TTT shit, so it’s not a great suggestion …