I dont own gmod??

i have tried to log in to my garrysmod.org account, and it just said:

That account doesn’t seem to own GMod.

If it does - it’s set to private, please make it public for this process and try again.

so the question is, how the hell do i set it to public??
thank you all!!

I Smell A Pirate…

Or he just has no idea what he has to do…

Or he’s just doing it wrong.

Arrrr me matey! i smell thee from here

Have you followed the steps that link your steam account to the garrysmod.org account?

Post a link to your steam account, the one under your postcount dosent work
I smell a priate

OPs url: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ggutlansky/

He need to make his profile public and probbably he dosent own garrysmod


oh wait thats his question


In your steam profile it will say: Edit my profile, click that and press public somewhere

It’s a private profile, Garrysmod.org can’t see games on private profiles

ohhh ok thanks guys :smiley:
it isnt any pirate thing… >.<

And i was just about to ask the same thing…
Problem solved =)