I don't remember name of one STool, could you help me, please?

Hi everyone! I cannot to remember this Stool, but I’ll try to explain what I mean. This tool make able to ride the prop without vehicle-class chair when the prop is moving. I saw the video, but I cannot to remember the name. It’s need to me for cargo train and cargo spaceship building. Thank you.

I found it very hard to understand that if at all but I will see if I can find what you are looking for.

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I did by best to re do it for him.

Hi people of facepunch. I cannot remember the name of a stool I like so I will try to explain to you what it does. This tool makes it so you can turn a prop into a vehicle without the need of a vehicle. I have seen a video showing the tool but I cannot remember the name of the tool I am looking for. I need it so I can turn my cargo train and my cargo spaceship into a working vehicle.

Oh and it would be very nice if you linked us to the video so we knew what it was you are after.

ok, I can reformulate. If you create any prop (PHX plate for example) and step on this prop when it’s moving by thrusters for example, you will fall and die. The STool which I’m looking for when applied to prop make able to stay on this plate when it’s moving. =)


Your welcome

I think you want this: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1085630-Gravity-Hull-Designator-a-true-Localized-Physics-mod

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Never mind he beat me to it. I did not re fresh the page before posting.

Gravity Hull Designator
Oh fuck didn’t realise it was dead.