"I don't see anyone in there... Anyone alive, anyway."


Mostly in-game, again.

This is hot. Very atmospheric.

The only thing that turns off my boner is the blood on the window, other then that, it’s ace.

Very nice, but it’s quite orange brownish.

Thats Original. Great use of everything.

damn that atmosphere is great

Thanks broskis

Great picture. Here this brown is on place,it creates this chilly atmosphere of abandonment…
But I can’t really understand the advantages of this “mostly ingame”…Yeah,I see, you always manage to create pictures that can compete with pictures edited in some graphic editors…But for me creating pictures in Garry’s mod is a good reason to slightly improve my PS skill …
I mean, if you would use PS or Gimp wider, no one will complain. This will make your pictures even better
…Sorry for offtopic.

I didn’t really use it that much cause I really couldn’t do anymore.

I love zombies and i love soldiers and i especialy love zombies fighting soldiers. This picture is fantastic and the quality is beutiful but I want to see a zombie picture thats unique. Even so I love this picture it has warmth.

i like the pic. but in my opinion it looks like the helicopter is stationary