i dont see myself when in vehicles?

i have a strange bug.

i Can’t see myself when i am in a vehicle

but i can see myself if i look myself in a camera

what to do?

same here
any ideas?

Same here, invisible when in 3rd person vehicle but I can see my self with the camera

I THINK its the playermodel, or the server.

A bunch of cars i downloaded from the FS vehicle pack are glitched and when i sit in them i’m actually on the left side of the car pointing to the left and mostly in the ground :frowning: idk if that may be happening to you or not but it happens to me all the time

rename your gmod folder then start gmod it will regenerate everything then exit gmod put all your mods in (except vehicle mods or anything you think would make it happen again.) thats what I did and it worked. not only that but I have less addons and my game loads up in like 20 seconds.
(used to be 10 MINUTES)

Isn’t the FS pack glitchy to begin with? According to http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=55375

This pack is bugged with some new updates and mods! I NO LONGER ADVISE THIS ONE! USE LINK TO SECOND VERSION!”

its the server, i could see other people on servers i went to, but my friends server i could see him he could see me but i couldn’t see me he couldn’t see himself either. its plainly the server nothing big, try making a camera and see if you can see your self.

its in single player people

O.o uh ok? that’s odd hum might be a problem with the player model? you should probably use a hl2 one and not one that you downloaded, i had this one that turned some of my phx spawn icons to complete blackness, i was mad. but uh if you all downloaded the same player model, then that one may be buged. and no I’m not smart, so don’t take this as if it will work for sure ok?

is every playermodel

Does it have anything to do with people somehow making themselves invisible? I see it all the time in servers…

How do you do that?

Hey, I’m just trying to help. And I’m still a (sort-of) noob. I really don’t now how to do that unless another person colors you.

you can have someone color you, or you can get an invisible player model

Works fine for me in singleplayer. Is it all vehicles or just custom ones?

all vehicles