"I don't think that's what that's supposed to do..."

"Then what is?"


All ingame editing (Apart from some cropping and removing a light in Photoshop.)

BTW, He’s using it as a microwave.

And then a mute scientist comes and makes the meal go boom.

A computer AND a microwave? BRILLIANT! :v:

Hahaha nice.

Kind of empty on the right.

You always see the bad in everything :frown:

Why do people think I’m a slightly politer 5omeone now?

Pfff, your not even close, who thinks or has said that? lol

Also, the pic is nice, I like the DoF :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the 2nd post, I must make a computer with a microwave.

Must get :v:

Any more comments?

A computer with a microwave…Nice.

Very creative.

Thanks :v:

Epic win. Reminded me of this

Also reminded a bit of The Naked Gun. Have a funny.

Holy shit, that’s amazing.