"I don't think we're going to like what we find here" Rebel scouts in Aperture Science.


Cool picture, though I think the rebels should be more to the center. I shall giveth thy an artistic because I love this theme. :3:

Easily one of your best, in my opinion. The shading on the face is not too good, though.


definitly one of your best and you finally picked a higher resolution. Good job! You’re FINALLY improving -was already good before-

Really strange composition.

I agree, though aside from that it looks pretty good, rated artistic.

looks good.

Why is it so off-center?

I couldn’t get it to an angle where I could fit in everything I wanted to.

… you wanted to fit in a rock and some low-res decals?

No :saddowns:

still got a link for those gears?
the vest,helmet and all that?

Release section somewhere.

Blur error on next to blood